Sunny Sunday

A beautiful day here in Great Wilbraham. Everyone’s at home. Hang the washing out and sit in its shade to proofread forthcoming Best Seller. Instruct two older children to clean out the guinea pigs and leave son number two in the hands of Chris. Ignore the hammering noises and constant complaining coming from the hutches and set my mind upon spotting stray apostrophy’s missing, comma’s and and, those wrongly placed-hyphens, etc.. Hutches are declared done, so I go to inspect only to find son number two looking rather dirty around his face and dribble area of chest. Decide that it’s best not to think about what he’s been shovelling little fat fistfulls of into his mouth and go to make a cup of tea. Discover that he’s also obviously spent a lot of time in the cloakroom with the bumper bag of toilet rolls. Chris very happy to have finished typesetting Major Talent’s book. I have 53 pages to go.

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