Sales of poetry and short stories are booming

Sales are booming!

Worldwide poetry and short story sales have increased by 29% for Cambridge independent Salt. March 31st?s year end figures show UK trade sales have increased by 200% over the preceding 12 months, taking the business to ?165K. US sales have increased by 39%, and Australian export sales are also up. The business is working with Arts Council England on a three-year plan of sales development.

?The results caught us off guard, we’ve been ?nose to the grindstone? for the past year,? says Chris Hamilton-Emery. ?The focus on improving commissioning and marketing is beginning to pay off. We?re seeing strong growth now, largely driven by our innovations on the Web site and viral marketing. It is our US publishing that is leading the way. Fifty percent of our business is now in North America, which is partly driven by our award-winning Native American publishing, but our US avant-garde list more than holds its own, Matthew Cooperman, Katia Kapovich and Philip Nikolayev are all in the top 40 best-selling titles of the past year.?

The UK sales boom has been led by Tobias Hill?s bestselling Nocturne in Chrome & Sunset Yellow. Other British highlights in Salt?s top 20 include Peter Barry’s Poetry Wars, Richard Burns? The Blue Butterfly, David Gaffney?s Sawn-Off Tales, Ian Gregson?s Call Centre Love Song, Hamilton-Emery?s own guide, tellingly called 101 Ways to Make Poems Sell, Tony Lopez’s Meaning Performance and Anthony Joseph?s The African Origins of UFOs.

Commenting on Salt?s UK growth, Robin Puplett of Gardners Books (Britain’s leading wholesaler) said, ?Current MAT Retail sales at 3 times the level of the previous 12 month period tell their own story. It?s gratifying to see such a hard-working and innovative team using Gardners services so positively and imaginatively, and to such obvious benefit.?

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