New and forthcoming titles: August

The next three books in our Children’s Poetry Library series:

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The New Generation by Angela Topping

Vampires, witches, fairies, wizards and mermaids meet them all here in Angela Topping’s fantastic children’s poems.

Cuckoo Rock by Phil Bowen – Available soon

Cuckoo Rock creates a magical world that is both darkly mysterious and sparklingly musical

High Tide by Robert Hull – Available 23 August

High Tide is a genuinely readable, amusing but also serious book of real children’s poetry.

Three new poetry collections:

The Return by Eleanor Cooke

Past and present, the living and the ever-present dead, meet in Eleanor Cooke’s intensely personal poems of love and loss.

Deep Language by Alan Sondheim

Writing detours through digital and other media, returning with new forms and genres, new ways of thinking philosophy, the body, religion, and everything else.

Playing Solitaire for Money by Adrian Slatcher

From urban nature poems, to noir nightmares, Adrian Slatcher’s collection provides a new take on our globalised experience, seeing us as small parts in “a colossal machine.”

New fiction:

Alex y Robert by Wena Poon

The witty, modern fable of Alejandra, a young American woman determined to become a matador, and Roberto, a reluctant star Spanish bullfighter whom she recruits to help her.

Future Missionaries of America by Matthew Vollmer

From a Seventh Day Adventist boarding school to a traveling exhibition of plasticine bodies, Vollmer’s twelve stories are at once sorrowful, exuberant, and absurdly comical.

Also, check out July’s titles:

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