Initial work on the cover of Joseph D’Lacey’s new novel Blood Fugue

The Jimenez family arrives in Hobson’s Valley, a dead end town in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho, looking for the last resting place of an ancestor. They ask directions from Jimmy Kerrigan, a reclusive outdoorsman who lives on the threshold between the town and the wilderness. They then disappear into the forests of Bear Mountain, the peak that looms over the tiny community.

Jimmy Kerrigan senses a dark presence in the forest. Several fiendish attacks on local people convince him that something is wrong in Hobson’s Valley. He sets out to search for the missing Jimenez family, the mysterious Sallow Man and the adolescent seductress, Gina Priestly. In doing so he discovers the secret of the Fugue and finds himself in a desperate battle to save not only the town, but also the future of humanity. The path he follows ultimately leads him back to himself.

Blood Fugue is a re-working of the vampire sub-genre in which nature – our own personal nature and that of the outdoors – is the cause. Natural magic is the cure. For Jimmy Kerrigan, it’s a journey of constant self rediscovery as he learns more and more about Fugue, its cause and cure and how he came to carry the mantle of Fugue Hunter.


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