The winners & runners-up of the 2012 International Salt Prizes

The International Salt Prizes


In 2012, to complement our prestigious first-book prizes, we launched three new creative writing contests, known collectively as The Salt Prizes, for best single short story, best flash fiction and best single poem. Today we announce the winners and runners-up in the inaugural competition.

The prizes have received a truly extraordinary response and the standard of entries has been exceptionally high — writers have submitted from all over the world. While we clearly live in an age of abundance, the aim of the Salt Prizes is to make sense of the astonishing range and diversity of new talent and to present it to readers.  Clearly, this involves making judgements — as we seek to present a selection — a careful and coherent choice of the work submitted and to draw attention to the amazing achievements of the best we could find in this particular year. And what a year it has been. Below you will find our best judgement on the entries. These have been at times painfully selected — some people just missed out on finding a place. Congratulations to everyone who entered and especially to our wonderful winners and runners-up.

We will add a reminder here that The Salt Prizes are open to writers at any stage of their careers, from any part of the world. Works must be unpublished and written in English. All the entries have been judged (strictly) anonymously. Our task as judges proved hugely entertaining, especially in our final selection where writers finally emerged from their anonymity; here we had some wonderful surprises, some names are deeply familiar to us but many are entirely new. A deeply satisfying outcome. You can read all our winners and runners-up in The Salt Anthology of New Writing which will appear later this year.

Do join us now on Twitter: @saltpublishing and Facebook: SaltPublishing using hashtag #SaltPrizes to follow the story of this year’s winners. You can also click on some author names below, to head to their Twitter profiles and congratulate them.


The Salt Prize for Best Individual Short Story

The Salt Prize for Best Individual Short Story 2012

Winner £1,000

JAY MERILL — “As Birds Fly”

2nd Prize £500

PEARSE MURRAY — “Off Kaizersgracht”

3rd Prize £50

JONATHAN PINNOCK“Duo for Oboe and Violin”


Joanna Campbell — “Following Candace”
Catharine Mee — “French Lessons”
Alban Miles — “Fish Eyes”
Matthew Morgan — “Absent Stars”
Dan Powell — “A Storm in a Teacup”
Cherise Saywell“Hard Shoulder”
Adam Wilshaw“Flowers, Whisky”

The Salt Prize for Best Individual Flash Fiction

The Salt Prize for Best Individual Flash Fiction 2012

Winner £500

ARMANDO CELAYO — “If This Was A Love Story”

2nd Prize £250


3rd Prize £50

TANIA HERSHMAN“A Song for Falling”


Kevlin Henney“A Higher Calling”
Annemarie Hoeve — An Acquired Taste”
Danielle McLaughlin — “Clock”
Allie Rogers — “Cool for Cats”
Jose Varghese“Argumentative Hands”
Judi Walsh“Victor”
Jan Woolf“Fixed”

The Salt Prize for Best Individual Poem

The Salt Prize for Best Individual Poem 2012

Winner £1,000


2nd Prize £500

PAUL McMAHON — “Shrouds”

3rd Prize £50

REBECCA PERRY“A Guide to Love in Icelandic”


Jenna Butler“This Rain”
Phillip Crymble — “But Seriously, Folks”
Peter Daniels — “Blob Politics”
Tim Erickson“Via Appia”
Aidan Semmens — “Ark of Marvels”
Nicholas Wong — “Zero Copula”
Jane Yeh“The Facts of Life”

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